FAQ's | United States | Hilton Head Helicopter Tours


Q.  Are helicopters safe?

A.  The answer is most definitely yes!  Statistically helicopters are among the safest modes of transportation.  Hilton Head Helicopter takes pride in only hiring experienced and safe pilots with proven safety records.  We have acquired 23 years of experience with a flawless safety record.  

Q.  Is it scary?

A.  No! Most passengers are a bit nervous prior to taking off, but after flying around for a few minutes they soon realize there was no need to worry.  Each flight is smooth and stable unlike that of a roller coaster or amusement ride.  We have flown passengers from 9 months to 90 years old!

Q.  Is it expensive?

A.  Hilton Head Helicopter offers a price range for any budget!  We want you to experience the beauty of helicopter flight without breaking the bank.  Our rides start at just $39/person!

Q.  Can a large group all fly at once?

Large groups are welcome to come fly with us!  We offer beautiful three passenger helicopters.  Have more than three passengers?  No problem!  We can split larger groups with more than three people and take multiple flights allowing the kids to ride twice for no additional charge! 

Q.  Can I bring my camera?

A.  We encourage all passengers to bring a camera and get ready to take some amazing pictures!  Our only requirement is we ask passengers to wait until they are inside the helicopter to start shooting.  This is to prevent people from walking around the helicopter while the blades are spinning and engine is running.

Q.  Do you accept credit cards?

A.  Yes, we accept all major credit cards and including Visa and Mastercard.

Q.  Is there a weight limit?

A.  Yes, Federal Aviation Regulations require a maximum passenger weight of 300 lbs per person or 580 lbs per group..


Federal Aviation Regulations require a maximum passenger weight of 300lbs per person or 550 lbs per group.  
-Please avoid flying if you are under the influence of illegal drugs.
-Must have at least two passengers to book a tour.